All Stressed Out, But Does Anyone Notice?

Mary Jordan 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

In this presentation we will talk about some research into stress in different types of libraries, and how that has affected library staff. We will look at the difference between stress and burnout at work. We will identify some of the main causes of stress in libraries, and talk about a few strategies to manage that stress. (Not eliminate it - sorry!) And then we will walk through a few tools you can use to help manage stress in your library and in your life. Everything will not be fixed at the end of this time, but we will all be a little more ready to handle the stress of library work!

About Mary:

I am the Exec Director of the Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange multitype library system. In this job I help to provide training and advocacy for all types of libraries; and I share information across libraries. I got my MLIS from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, and my PhD in Library Science from University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.  I have worked in public, special, and academic libraries. Before becoming a librarian, I did many things, including skipping school to spend the day hanging out in libraries and reading books. I was, clearly, born to be a librarian. When I tear myself away from the library, I read books, work on a quilt, and hike on trails everywhere.